Hi! My name is Julia and I am your photographer.

Photography is my creative outlet. Using my camera, my gear and my computer makes the craft of photography challenging and fun. Camera settings, lenses, lighting and post-processing all work together to make one's photographic style unique.  For the emotional value of images, I strive to capture authenticity. When I present clients with technically sound images that have strong emotional value, I am genuinely happy!

I haven't always worked as a photographer. My previous education and experience continues to shape how I work with clients.  Helping clients be themselves in front of a lens is second-nature to me.  Working with individuals who hate having their picture taken- no problem!  I am comfortable working with families who require flexibility and patience. Capturing authenticity takes time.

What type of photo session is most fun for me? I love it when extended family gets together for a photo session. It is wonderful to see the interaction and connection between family groups and generations. 


Life outside my photography world is active and rewarding. I am married with two kids and we are in the life-stage of chauffeuring kids and watching their activities. I enjoy volunteering in my community whether it be for kid’s activities or spending time with seniors. My hobbies include cooking, meeting friends or family for coffee, and getting back into fitness. Our summers are spent camping with our trailer and a coffee pot. This winter's goal is to continue downhill skiing (knees, don't fail me now).

Bib and Tucker Photography:

What kind of name is Bib and Tucker Photography? Good question!  To "put on your best bib and tucker" means to get dressed up in your "Sunday best". I think everyone has their own "best" outfits that make them feel fabulous, whether it is blue jeans or formal dress. 

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