I'd like to book during the Golden Hour

I am so fortunate to have families call year after year to book their annual photo sessions. It is genuinely enjoyable for me to catch up with people and learn about their year!  A typical question I am asked is, "what is the best time for a session"?  This week, I had one of my families contact me requesting this year's session be during "the golden hour". I love the fact that they know this is my favorite time for sittings!

Commonly known amongst photo enthusiasts, "the golden hour" is that time in the morning that the sun is rising or the time at night just before the sun is setting.  Light is warm and diffused while colors are crisp. Obviously, pictures can be taken throughout the day, but I have a happy sigh when booking clients during the golden hour!


If you are interested in booking a Regular Package to capture your photo memories, send me a note!  I look forward to hearing from you! -Julia