A Departure from Traditional Photo Sessions:

While intensely personal for all families, if photo memories can provide comfort , please contact me with your ideas. 

"When you think of professional photography, you usually think about pictures of weddings, babies or the annual Christmas card photo – all reasons to celebrate.  As a bit of a departure, we asked Julia to assist us with a photo session that was unique.  Sadly, my mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.  When my mother-in-law was still feeling well, we asked Julia to help us create some lasting memories.   Julia’s caring and compassionate approach to this task was extraordinary and the family photos she created are truly magical. I can’t tell you how meaningful these photos are to all of us but particularly to my children.  We had these photos enlarged to decorate her room in hospice and they now hang in my children’s rooms.  Julia Marsh is not only a photographer – she is a gifted recorder of relationships and precious moments. "

Julia Marsh